Iowa State Football Schedule

The Iowa State football schedule for the upcoming season is highly anticipated among fans and supporters of the Cyclones.

With a mix of rivalry games, conference matchups, challenging away games, and exciting home games, there is much to look forward to.

This article will provide an overview of the schedule, highlighting key matchups and important dates to mark on your calendar.

One aspect that makes the Iowa State football schedule particularly intriguing is the array of rivalry games and conference matchups.

These games not only bring out intense competition on the field but also foster a sense of community and tradition among fans.

From longstanding rivalries with teams like Iowa and Kansas State to high-stakes conference showdowns against opponents such as Texas and Oklahoma, each game holds significance both in terms of team pride and potential impact on rankings within the Big 12 Conference.

In addition to these highly anticipated matchups, there are several home games that promise excitement for Cyclones supporters.

The atmosphere at Jack Trice Stadium during home games is electric, with passionate fans filling up the stands and rallying behind their team.

From thrilling night games under the lights to special events like Homecoming Weekend, attending a home game offers an opportunity for fans to come together in support of their beloved team.

On the other hand, challenging away games present opportunities for growth and test the mettle of both players and coaches alike.

These matchups against formidable opponents require strategic planning as well as mental fortitude from the Cyclones.

While facing tough competition on unfamiliar turf can be daunting, it also provides an opportunity for Iowa State’s football program to showcase their skills on a national stage.

Furthermore, non-conference opponents add another layer of intrigue to the schedule.

These matchups often offer opportunities for teams outside of their usual conference foes to compete against one another.

It gives players a chance to face different styles of play while showcasing their abilities beyond regular conference play.

Overall, reviewing the Iowa State football schedule allows fans not only to mark important dates on their calendars but also to get a sense of the journey that lies ahead for the Cyclones.

Whether it’s rallying behind the team during home games, braving challenging away matchups, or eagerly awaiting anticipated rivalries and conference battles, fans have plenty to look forward to as they support their beloved team throughout the season.

Rivalry Games and Conference Matchups

Rivalry games and conference matchups hold significant importance in the Iowa State football schedule. These games not only showcase the historical rivalries that have developed over time, but they also have a direct impact on the team’s rankings and overall success.

Historic rivalries such as the Iowa-Iowa State matchup, known as the Cy-Hawk game, and the Kansas-Kansas State rivalry bring an added level of intensity and excitement to the schedule. These games often attract national attention and generate a sense of pride among fans.

Additionally, conference matchups against teams like Oklahoma, Texas, and TCU are crucial for Iowa State’s standing within the Big 12 Conference. The outcomes of these games can greatly affect their chances of winning a conference title or securing a spot in prestigious bowl games.

Therefore, these rivalry games and conference matchups play a vital role in shaping both the team’s reputation and their path to success throughout the season.

Exciting Home Games

Featuring a highly anticipated lineup of matchups, several home games on the Iowa State football schedule promise to captivate fans with exhilarating displays of athletic prowess.

With high scoring games and the presence of top recruits, these home games offer a thrilling experience for both casual spectators and die-hard fans alike.

The team’s ability to recruit top talent has resulted in an exciting roster that is capable of delivering impressive performances on the field. As a result, these home games become must-see events as they showcase the potential of this talented squad.

Fans can expect to witness high-scoring affairs where offensive firepower is on full display, leaving them on the edge of their seats throughout the game.

By combining skillful gameplay with electrifying atmosphere in their home stadium, Iowa State football offers an engaging experience that satisfies the subconscious desire for freedom among its audience.

Challenging Away Games

With hostile crowds and formidable opponents, the away games present Iowa State football with challenging tests that push their abilities to the limit. The road challenges can be grueling for the team, but they also provide an opportunity for growth and development.

Facing tough opponents in unfamiliar environments requires a high level of focus and adaptability. The team must strategize and execute their game plan flawlessly in order to come out on top. The atmosphere created by the opposing fans adds an extra layer of difficulty, as they try to distract and intimidate the players. However, this adversity can fuel their determination and bring out their best performance.

To overcome these challenges, the team relies on their strong work ethic, discipline, and teamwork. They understand that every away game is a chance to prove themselves against worthy adversaries and showcase their skills on a bigger stage. Read more

Ultimately, these challenging away games serve as valuable learning experiences that help shape the team into a more resilient and competitive unit.

Non-Conference Opponents

Non-conference opponents challenge Iowa State football with diverse playing styles and unfamiliar strategies that require the team to adapt and adjust their game plan accordingly. The non-conference matchups for Iowa State include both Power Five schools and FCS opponents. These games provide a unique opportunity for the team to face off against some of the top programs in the country, testing their skills and providing valuable experience. Power Five schools bring a higher level of competition, often featuring strong athletic programs with well-established traditions. These matchups push Iowa State to elevate their performance and showcase their abilities on a national stage. On the other hand, FCS opponents offer a chance for Iowa State to fine-tune their game plan while still facing a formidable opponent. These games allow the team to experiment with different strategies and give younger players valuable playing time. Overall, non-conference opponents present an exciting challenge for Iowa State football, forcing them to adapt, learn new tactics, and ultimately grow as a team.

Non-Conference OpponentDateLocation
University of Northern IowaSeptember 4thAmes, IA
University of IowaSeptember 11thAmes, IA
University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)September 18thLas Vegas, NV
Kent State UniversityNovember 27thAmes, IA

Table: Non-Conference Schedule for Iowa State Football

Anticipated Matchups

Anticipated matchups in Iowa State’s football season offer the team a chance to showcase their skills and face off against formidable opponents. Key conference games will put the Cyclones’ abilities to the test, as they go head-to-head with rival teams known for their strong performances.

These matchups provide an opportunity for Iowa State to prove themselves as serious contenders in the conference. Additionally, potential upsets can add an exciting element to these anticipated matchups, as underdog teams have been known to defeat higher-ranked opponents. Learn more

The anticipation surrounding these games creates a sense of excitement among fans and players alike, as they eagerly await the outcome of each matchup.

Overall, these highly-anticipated contests serve as a platform for Iowa State to demonstrate their capabilities and strive for victory against tough opposition.

Marking Your Calendars

Highlighted on the calendar are key dates that fans and players eagerly await, as they mark the highly-anticipated matchups that will test Iowa State’s abilities against formidable conference opponents. These highlight games serve as crucial moments in the season, where the team’s strengths will be put to the test and their potential for success can be measured. One such notable matchup is against Oklahoma, a perennial powerhouse in college football. This game will not only provide a challenging test for Iowa State but also give them an opportunity to showcase their skills against one of the best teams in the country. Another key game on the schedule is Texas, another strong competitor in the conference. The clash with Texas promises to be a fiercely contested battle between two talented squads vying for dominance within the conference. Additionally, games against West Virginia and TCU should not be overlooked as these teams have consistently proven themselves to be tough opponents in past seasons. Marking these matchups on their calendars allows fans and players alike to anticipate exciting contests that will undoubtedly shape Iowa State’s season. In terms of key players to watch out for, Brock Purdy, Iowa State’s star quarterback, will play a pivotal role in leading his team to victory during these high-stakes encounters. His ability to make accurate throws and read defenses will be crucial in overcoming tough oppositions throughout the season. Furthermore, Breece Hall, an exceptional running back known for his strength and agility, will play an integral part in breaking through opposing defensive lines and adding valuable points on the scoreboard for Iowa State. As fans eagerly await these highlight games and keep an eye on key players like Purdy and Hall, there is no doubt that this upcoming football season holds great promise for Iowa State University.

Supporting the Cyclones

To show their unwavering support for the Cyclones, fans can engage in various activities such as attending games, purchasing team merchandise, and joining fan clubs. Read more

Attending games not only allows fans to witness the excitement on the field but also contributes to the overall game day experience. Being present in the stadium provides an opportunity for fans to cheer alongside fellow supporters, creating a sense of camaraderie and unity.

Additionally, purchasing team merchandise is another way fans can display their loyalty and support. Wearing Cyclones apparel not only shows pride but also helps to financially support the team.

Furthermore, joining fan clubs allows fans to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for Iowa State football. These clubs often organize events and activities that enhance fan engagement and provide opportunities for interaction with players and coaches.

Overall, by actively participating in these activities, fans can strengthen their bond with the team while enjoying an engaging game day experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any special events or traditions associated with Iowa State’s rivalry games and conference matchups?

Special traditions associated with Iowa State’s rivalry games and conference matchups include the “Cy-Hawk”game against the University of Iowa, where a trophy is awarded to the winner, and the “Farmageddon”series against Kansas State University.

What are some memorable moments or historic games in Iowa State’s football history?

Some of the most memorable moments in Iowa State’s football history include their upset victory over Oklahoma State in 2011 and their historic win against Nebraska in 1992, ending a long losing streak against the Cornhuskers.

How does the team prepare for challenging away games and what strategies do they use to overcome the home advantage of their opponents?

Challenges faced by the Iowa State football team in away games include overcoming the home advantage of their opponents. Strategies used to tackle this include thorough scouting, adapting game plans, and focusing on mental preparation and team cohesion.

Are there any interesting storylines or connections between Iowa State and their non-conference opponents?

Interesting player connections and notable coaching matchups can add excitement to non-conference games. These storylines create intrigue for fans, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the game beyond the scoreboard.

What are some key factors to consider when marking your calendars for Iowa State football games, such as weather conditions or potential game-time changes?

When marking your calendars for football games, it is important to consider potential weather conditions and game-time changes. These factors can significantly impact the experience and outcome of the game.


In conclusion, the Iowa State football schedule is filled with exciting matchups and challenging opponents.

The rivalry games against in-state rivals like Iowa and Kansas are highly anticipated by fans and always bring a level of intensity to the field. These games are not to be missed for any true Cyclones supporter.

The conference matchups also promise thrilling competition, as the Cyclones face off against strong teams from the Big 12 Conference. Whether it’s a home game at Jack Trice Stadium or an away game at a rival’s turf, each matchup presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for success.

Additionally, the non-conference opponents add further excitement to the schedule. Facing off against teams from different conferences brings an element of unpredictability and allows the Cyclones to showcase their talent on a national stage.

Overall, marking your calendars for Iowa State football games is a must for any fan looking for thrilling competition and top-notch college football action. The team’s dedication and hard work combined with their passionate fan base make every game an experience worth supporting.

So get ready to cheer on the Cyclones as they strive for success throughout this exciting season!

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